2005. interview: kid koala

»Drawing comics is a great craft for the winter…»

(by Ivana, Stipo, Goran & Sven)
  • Record-art je komponiranje komada uz pomoc postojecih ploca metodama mixanja/istovremeno sviranje ploca/,

rezanja/kolazi dionica s ploca/ i skrecanja/sto nije svakako ritmicno ljuljanje amo-tamo
na sto je svedena uvelike dostupna nam amaterska dj-scena/.

-So, Kid Koala, if everything was created to be just material for another creation, do you think you are the father od de(con)struction?

  • no, I’m just the kid… probably adopted.

-How would you describe your relation with the spirit(s)
of the past and your communication with them?

  • I guess they all hang out in my record crate.

-Do you meet the authors of records you play and do they complain? Do they envy you?

  • I met David Byrne once… He was very generous and encouraging. He had heard a live remix I did of his theme for the Last Emperor soundtrack.

He let us release the track! David Byrne rules.

Your opinion about production of different sounds on different technologies
(for example turntables vs whistling, hand clap vs PC)?

  • nothing beats a good whistler.

– Your performances are fascinating! How much do you spend on vinyl
massacre :)? What’s the average lifetime of a record of yours?

  • about 20 shows.

– What (s)p(l)ace is most inspirative for you?

  • I try to find inspiration everywhere… but mostly in Canada.

– Are there any notably different patterns in music you make
and your comics/graphics? How would you describe your world(s)view(s)?? What’s your concept???

  • life is short… try to have some fun if you can.

– Do you feel any subversive/revolutionary implications in your works?

  • sometimes I play records at the wrong speed.

What’s your mission in this world?

  • play music for the dancing people… and then confuse them.

– What do you think about the trend in music production of shifiting
towards the consumer masses?

  • I don’t know… I’m just astonished when I play somewhere and people

actually show up to see the show.

What are the criteria for good music?

  • that the people who are making it are enjoying themselves.

– When did you learn to draw comics? Was it a conscious decision?

  • my parents used to give me a pen to draw on the placemats at the

restaurants… it was a good way to keep me from breaking things on the

– Do you feel the vibrations from http://www.komikaze.hr? Would
you like to scratch them?

  • I am not too computer savvy. please send this audio to me on vinyl.

– Who writes scenarios for your comics ? What’s the source of your inspiration?

  • Canada

    – Did you ever publish fanzines? How did you find the publisher for (3) graphic novels?

  • They asked me to write a 100 page/10 000 word book on any topic.

I wrote a 340 page book with no words on romantic tragedy. Sometimes I have problems following directions.

– What are your models for comics and scratching, are you self educated or…?
  • I am just playing around for now…. just wait until I actually figure out what I’m doing.:)

    – What technique do you use in making/creating comics, digital or traditional tools?

  • whatever is available.

    – In our opinion, your breaks on concerts are great(we like small messages) because some other people talk too much saying nothing basically, and was very interesting when you mentioned your mothers favourite song, and some other situations(you know it Kid) when…, well are there any scenarios in your performances or is your presentation spontaneous?

  • the set is it’s own little monster. a mix of records I know inside out, mixed with live performances of my own tracks, mixed with records I want to hear loud, mixed with brand new records I just got the day before I left on tour. So the records I’ve had since I was 12 years old are really easy for me to play… and I can improvise with them as I please. The newer ones I’m still “getting to know” and learning their rotations and notes. Those ones get away from me sometimes… and they keep me on my toes. But that’s the fun thing about playing live… it could all fall apart at any minute.

– maybe you would like to say something about comics scene in Canada?

  • It is quite prolific there are a lot of comic artists over here…

the long winters here breed indoor sports of all kinds. Drawing comics is a great craft for the winter.

–  Have you, somehow, heard about Alan Ford? In these splaces(ha-ha) that comic is very popular.
  • I’ll go check it out.

    – whats your favourite picture? Actress?

  • The Hudsucker Proxy. Jennifer Jason Leigh

    – so Kid, maybe(here and now) you would like to say something about


  • eat things with vitamins.

– SUPERGENERAL greetings and OVERSTANDINGS, Kid Koala!!