6.12.2012. komikaze izložba u bialystoku/ poljska

komikaze izložba @ film festival

7th INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL ZubrOFFka in Bialystok (Poland) – 5-9th december 2012
Catalog of the 7th INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL ZubrOFFka in Bialystok (Poland), 5-9th december 2012: http://zubroffka.bok.bialystok.pl/page/54

“The tradition of Croatian comics, similary to other countries of the former Yugoslavia,
is very diverse. Until recently, comic books from that country that were the most recognizable magazines from Central Europe. Interestingly, both of them, the Slovenian “Stripburger” and Croatian “Komikaze” since their beginnings have promoted underground inaesthetic and irrational comIc strips. Before the new aesthetics of comics came to being, which was clearer, minimalist and story-based, these “ugly” Balkan magazines were the most representative images of the independent cartoon culture. The covers of “Komikaze” from the last 10 years well illustrate this aesthetic transformation – from coarse graphic design to new solutions and dynamics of visual narrative. “Komikaze”, like other comic books of the 21th century, is not only a publisher, first of all, one of the comic world centres involved in organizing exhibitions, workshops, residences, and festivals.”
/Exhibition is organized in cooperation with Sztuka Komiksu Europy Srodkowey – Centrala Central Europe Comics Art, Special Guest: Michael Slomka

Over a span of 5 years our Festival has evolved from a small, cosy thing taking place in FAMA club to the biggest film event in the north-east Poland. Therefore, we hope this year it can go in the direction and reach the level we intended it to achieve!
Looking back, we can notice something which hasn’t changed since the beginning, it’s the Festival’s fantastic, lively-reacting audience (in 2009, about 4000 people attended the Festival events!) as well as excellent, diverse films.
Festival ZUBROFFKA is an open event not restricted by anything, respecting diversity and variety so characteristic for the region of Podlasie, it’s a place bringing together artists open to the WORLD, PEOPLE who have a sense of humour , who value NATURE and its products. The festival tries to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and thoughts, which will enable creative meetings of artists from eastern and western countries. Therefore we are visited by artists from Belarus, the USA, Latvia, the UK, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Poland, both professionals and amateurs.
The screenings and accompanying events, just like in the previous years, are going to take place in FORUM cinema and FAMA club, as well as in other partner venues, such as University in Bialystok, Bialystok railway station, Art School in Suprasl, “Borderland Centre” in Sejny. During the Festival apart from the competition screenings we aim to present a series of film and music attractions from all over the world.
Come to Podlasie – the land of bison and film!