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HR: https://komikaze.hr : on-line muzej 2002. – 2020. predstavlja kolekciju suvremenog autorskog stripa različitih stilova, generacija i nacija, s preko 5000 stripova stvorenih od 317 autora_ica iz hrvatske, s balkana i cijelog svijeta! / logo: hof

ENG: https://komikaze.hr : on-line museum 2002 – 2020 brings the collection of the contemporary authorial comic by different styles, generations & nations. it presents more then 5000 comix created by 317 comic authors from croatia, balkan & the whole world! / logo: hof

press / google books 2020

New volume in the ‘Studies in European Comics and Graphic Novels’ series: ‘Comics of the New Europe. Reflections and Intersections’! A new generation of European cartoonists!
New collection was edited by Martha Kuhlman and Jose Alaniz, focusing on the often less-studied comics cultures of: the former Yugoslav states, Czechoslovakia/the Czech Republic (guests at this October’s Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2020 all being well), Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Hungary.
Here’s a link to take a look inside: https://books.google.be/books… Contributors: Max Bledstein (University of Winnipeg), Dragana Obradović (University of Toronto), Aleksandra Sekulić (University of Arts in Belgrade), Pavel Kořínek(Institute of Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague), Martin Foret (Palacký University), Michael Scholz (Uppsala University), Sean Eedy (Carleton University), Elizabeth Nijdam (University of British Columbia), Ewa Stańczyk (University of Amsterdam) and Eszter Szép (Eötvös Loránd University).
It’s pricey of course, as an academic tome, but see if your library or university can order it from Leuven University


Comics of the New Europe/ Fragments:

“In the 21th century the scene has taken great strides onto the internet, with platforms as Komikaze showcasing hundreds of classic and contemporary works and artists (Komikaze from Zagreb founded in 2002 by Ivana Armanini and a few others). As Armanini notes:

On the internet, free comics freely in all directions, they are accessible to anyone at any time, they are interactive; at the same time, they attract new authors from all over the world, so the network of interesting people is constantly expanding and intensifying. Paper editions are a fetish, a thing of the past, an homage to all paper that have flipped through from our childhood to the present day. When fresh, it smells good, but it also gathers dust on the shelves. If I could bet on the future, i would place all the money on the digital, its virtual ease and fluidity. It is publishing greed alone that hinders the progress and bright future of comics.
/ Reference: Albahari. ” Ivana Armanini: Technology to the people! Stripburger, 15 April 2015.

press / google books 2019

The Aesthetics and Politics of Linguistic Borders: Heidi Grönstrand, ‎Markus Huss, ‎Ralf Kauranen – 2019 

“Comics with translations in subtitles have been published at least in Croatia (the Komikaze anthology), Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.”