15.-17.3.2013. kroatien kreativ 2013/ komikaze in the millionaires club ~ leipzig

strip festival millionaires club #1 * PRESS: -TPORTAL: http://www.tportal.hr/kultura/knjizevnost/249031/Autorski-strip-kod-nas-je-minoriziran.html -CULTURENET: http://www.culturenet.hr/default.aspx?ID=51385 -MODERNA VREMENA: http://www.mvinfo.hr/najnovije-vijesti.php?ppar=6854 -KROATIEN KREATIV: http://www.kroatienkreativ2013.de/bereiche/comic/167-armanini-ivana W H A T “The Millionaires Club” is a 3-day DIY Comic-Silkscreen-Exhibition-Showcase taking place during the Leipzig Book Fair 2013 with inter/national & local artists, groups & collectives who present their work. W H E N 15.-17.3.2013 during Leipzig Book Fair http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leipzig_Book_Fair W H E R E Galerie KUB Kantstraße 18 04275 Leipzig W H O In September 2012 a bunch of enthusiastic comic artists, illustrators and graphic designers from Leipzig got together and formed the “The Millionaires Club” to support, showcase and establish an exchange platform for this kind of art & small press production in book city Leipzig.