komikaze albumi @ zine library – hamburg

zine salon hamburg - anna haifisch

Komikaze albumi su pozvani u Zine Library u Hamburgu / Raum für Illustration / Poziv nam je uputila Giovanna Fabi / RF INSTAGRAM / OTVORENJE: 6.10.

“We proudly presented our Zine Library!
From now on you can always visit it during our opening hours and read through the zines 🥰

To keep things nice, there are a few rules:
1. The zines in the library are not for sale or rent!
2. Whoever steals will go directly to hell and will be banned forever.
3. Please be veeeeeeeeeery careful with the zines.
4. The zines are sorted, put them back where you took them from. All zines are marked in the back with a stamp.
5. Do not mix zines from the library with zines from the shop.
6. No shoes on the pedestal or the sofa.
7. The library is financed by donations. All donations will be used to buy new zines for the library. Please support us 🙂
8. Coffee is available on a donation basis. But don’t spill anything on the zines. Food is not allowed in the library.
9. If a zine is damaged, please let us know and we will take care of it.
10. Laptops and cell phones are not allowed. But you can take pictures of the zines.
11. The library is a reading place and not a café or co-working space!!!

So far we have about 1500 zines from at least 25 countries. A thousand thanks to all of you who sent us something. We are overwhelmed!!!!!!
But we want the library to keep growing, so we are still very interested in zine donations.
We promise to take good care of them!
Also, there will be an index of all the zines on our website soon, but it will take some time.

Another huge thank you, to all the helping hands, who archived, stamped and built. Without you all this would not be possible! And last but not least: @elrojitokaffee for the coffee and @zeit for the newspaper holder. So far so good, come and read, look, feel and have a good time” 💓