new webzine # 30 is out/ novi webzine br 30 je vani

NAJAVA: novi webzine br 30 je vani

SEBASTIAN BORCKENHAGEN is a comic artist in Cape Town, South Africa. He has been successfully hustling his comic books onto a disinterested public for maybe seven years. He needs a job now. Thanks.
ENRICH FORTANER „came from Sabadell, Spain 1988. Having strange fun since I remember.“ www.electrolapiz.blogspot.comCIRQ: „i was born in basel, switzerland in 1980. i like drawing, tattooing, painting on walls and exploring derelic buildings. i like silence.“ Contact: cirq@gmx.chLETAČ aka JOVIĆ ZORAN plays drums in alternative rock band Trigger, makes comics when he has inspiration and he is active volunteer in NGO Alternative Culture Club from Banatsko Novo Selo in Serbia. He is married and has a three children. After third he regulary takes condoms. He works as a waiter temporary and as a maser helps people to take a rest and restart…

DARREN CULLEN is from Leeds, UK. Studied at Glasgow School of Art and currently lives in London. Drummer in the band Age of Consent.

CRISTINA PORTOLANO was born in Naples in 1986., Italy. She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna after attending l’Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts décoratif (ENSAD) in Paris. She won the prize designed reports competition for the monthly Naples MONITOR. In 2012 she realized the book “Stories from C.E.P. Village ” presented in various festivals. She published his drawings for Elektrika, Lo straniero, Illywords, ModernSpeen, MamiVerlag, Crack!, Hamelin, AltreVelocita. She Is part of ernest group and redaction Napoli Monitor. She lives and works in Bologna.

EVET MAKK: 1984.Subotica, Serbia

ALEKSANDAR OPAČIĆ is born 1973 in Obrenovac, Serbia. Finished painting at the University of Applied Art and
Design in Belgrade. Ex-professor at the university, later laid off for not showing up to work. Then a teacher at elementaray school, later laid off because of over tolerant attitude ( “All kids deserved A’s”). Member of multimedia team Kosmoplovci.

DANIJEL SAVOVIĆ is born 1976. In Serbia. Works and lives in Zemun in his studio on the river Dunav. He was in Art Academy and now he works with the comic group Kosmoplovci usually. He likes to draw books for children.

JEROEN FUNKE is born 1976. in He is part of the comics collective Lamelos. Coming from the Kampen art academy he has been working with Aleks Deurloo, Boris and Sam Peeters on a collective oeuvre since 1997. Their most famous collective creation is ‘Kaasheld en Poephoofd’, which has appeared in self-published comic books, as well as the magazines Zone 5300 and MYX. Outside of Lamelos, Jeroen has contributed to Jippo, Boekie Boekie, the ‘Bloeddorst’ anthology and projects like ‘Teken Mijn Verhaal’.
Lamelos is a comics collective consisting of Aleks Deurloo (b. 4 May 1975, Emmen), Boris Peeters (b. 4 Aug. 1974, Venray), Jeroen Funke (b. 13 May 1976) and Sam Peeters (b. 15 April 1976). All coming from the art academy in Kampen, they have been collaborating on a colorful oeuvre with jolly and absurd comic strips since 1997.
His characters ‘Victor & Vishnu’ have appeared in several mini-comics, and from 2008 to 2009 on the back-page of the Malmberg magazine Okki (‘Victor & Vishnu op de Vies Planeet’). For Jippo, he has drawn characters like Juf Kriebel, Joost, Bemoeibeest and Professor Uhm in illustrations and the ‘Strippo’ comic. In 2009 he illustrated ‘Graaf Sandwich’, a children’s book by Jan Paul Schutten about food.

WOSTOK I GRABOWSKI: Danilo Milošev (Vršac) publishes under the name Wostok, Ex-Wostok, and Mediokritet, and is one of the most important and influential figures on the Serbian underground comics scene and indeed one of the scene’s founders. He has been drawing and publishing comics since the mid-eighties.
His visual as well as thematic approach has been developing simultaneously into two directions: one, into simplification, parody often borrowing the characters from popular culture and comics, and, two, into a more accomplished visual style using literature (Kafka, Bierce, de Sade) as story models. But for most of his comics he uses the texts from Vršac writer Nabor Devolac. He is also famous for his fanzine Krpelj which reached the incredible number of around five hundred issues and has inspired many young authors to publish fanzines themselves.
With another drawer from Vršac, Grabowski (and one younger author from Belgrade, Saša Mihajlović) Wostok created the album „Popošak i Cveće“ which was published in 2001 by Fabrika Knjiga. With his diverse, persistent and unconventional approach, Wostok has crossed the local barriers and published his comics abroad (USA, Netherlands, France, Italy) and has cooperated with authors from different countries. The well known art critic and theorist Ranko Munitić has included him among the authors presented in the book “Deveta umetnost, strip”.
Other than comics, he is also a painter, filmmaker, and musician playing in the band Tehno Muda with his brother and father.
He is often organising and participating in workshops in the region.