new webzine komikaze#34 is out!

Komikaze provides an insight in the highly dynamic and diverse world of contemporary comic.

Komikaze # 34 includes:
~ 123 pages of new comics!
~ a short information and contact about every author/group under every published work!
/take ctrl-F to find the author/group on the Komikaze list of authors!

theo slaats
~ focus: drawing
~ b. 1971/ lives in Venlo, Netherland
~ studied at ABKM – Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design
~ contact:
*  exclusive new komikaze author!

michael jordan
~ focus: comic
~ b. 1972/ lives in Erlangen, Germany
~ studied Media Illustration in Hamburg, followed by Printmaking at the University of Applied Art in Vienna
~ web:
*  exclusive new komikaze author!

neja tomšič!-singlica/32
~ focus: illustration, short story, poetry
~ graduated at Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts/ lives in Slovenia
~ web:
 * premiere ~  this is neja’s  first comic ever!

andy leuenberger focus: cartoon, illustration, graphic design
~ b. in Switzerland/ lives in Berlin, Germany
~ web:
~ contact:

zombi proleter
sound: zombiproleter mashup pijade
visual: ivana armanini
* “zombi proleter” – coming soon. walk among us!

miro župa
~ focus: haiku comics, sculpture
~ b. 1978/ lives in Zagreb, Croatia
~ graduated at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb

dunja janković
~ focus: comic, graphic
~ b. 1980/ lives on island Lošinj, Croatia
~ graduated at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, Croatia and the School of Visual Arts in New York
~ web:
~ contact:

aka hrvoje šebić
~ focus: comic, streetart, illustration
~ b. 1980/ lives in Zagreb, Croatia
~ graduated at Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb
~ contact:

aka ivan hajek
~ b. 1987 in Našice
~ Art student in Osijek, Croatia
~ contact:

petra balekić
~ b. 1989 in Đakovo
~ Art student in Zagreb, Croatia
~ contact:

vančo rebac
~ focus: comics, painting, illustration
~ b. 1978/ lives in Zagreb, Croatia
~ graduated at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, Croatia
~ contact:

aka kosmoplovci
~ focus: comic, graphic, music etc
~ b. 2001/ lives in Belgrade, Serbia
~ web:
~ contact:
* new studio core music project: