Izbor od 30 Komikaze autora/ica s idejom maximalnog uvida u drugačijost na sceni autorskog stripa, kako domaćeg tako i internacionalnog koji se nalaze izvan fokusa klasično-realističnog i anegdotalnog stripa koji njeguje Comikaze skupina http://www.komikaze.net. Strip kolektivi istog imena na ovoj izložbi sasvim su različite estetike tako da događanje možemo nazvati i sudarom dvaju svijetova, imenom istih a poetikom potpuno različitih. Link na pdf predstavlja samo Komikaze dio kataloga!
Katalog i izložba predstavlja slijedeće autore/ice:
1.) Hrvatska: Ivana Pipal, Bruno Tolić, Miron Milić, Miran KrižanićEmil Jurcan, Mance, Miro Župa, Filjio/Puma 34, Dalibor Barić, Vinko Barić, Vančo Rebac, Dunja Janković, Igor Hofbauer, Ivana Armanini, Nebojša Vuković
2.) Srbija: Aleksandar Opačić, Radovan Popović, Danijel Savović, Lazar Bodroža, Miroslav Lazendić, Seljak, Septik, Wostok + Anna Ehrlemark (Švedska), Dav Guedin (Francuska), Craoman (Francuska), Konig lu q (Švicarska) i Norihiro Sekintani (Japan), BLU (Italija), Nina Bunjevac (Kanada).

* VIŠE O IZLOŽBI: https://komikaze.hr/wiki/30-5-2-6-2013-komikaze-vs-comikaze-u-minhenu/
* PREDGOVOR ZAJEDNIČKOG KATALOGA CENZURIRAN SA STRANE COMICAZE SKUPINE: https://komikaze.hr/wiki/martin-posset-nejednake-sestre-ungleiche-geschwister/


Nebojša Vuković
(early works, made in 1998. by 13 years old author)
Born in 1985 in Osijek where he graduated from Textile, Design and Arts and Crafts School as a graphic designer. Currently, he is completing his studies at The Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, Graphics Department. www.facebook.com/antisvijetporta

Ivana Pipal


Ivana was born 1990. She lives in Zagreb, Croatia. Interests: illustration, Comic, animation and experimental movie, instalation, photography. Web: http//ivanapipal.blogspot.com

Bruno Tolić


Bruno Tolić is Croatian multimedia artist and part of Turbo Comix team (Public house focused on independent comics from Serbia and Croatia, based in France and in Belgrade).
Blog: http://krekhaus.com

Miron Milić
Miron was born 1980 in Croatia. He attended the School of Applied Arts and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb where his interests focused on drawing and illustration.
More here: http://www.wooloo.org/miron.milic


Vančo Rebac

(b. 1978, Zagreb)
Focus: Comics, Painting, Illustration


Miro Župa

Miro was born 1978 in Split. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts (Sculpturing) in Zagreb.
He presents his work in Komikaze editions from 2002 till now and became the main haiku-comic author in Balkan region.

Danijel Savović
Born 1976. Works and lives in Zemun in his studio on the river Dunav. He was in Art Academy and now he works with the comic group Kosmoplovci usually.

 Ivana Armanini

Ivana is a comics author, illustrator, designer and photographer. Graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2005  “AGM” (Croatian publication house and brand) published her comic book “The Adventure of the Gloria Scott”, based on short stories by Mima Simić.
Ivana is a founder and coordinator of Komikaze ( http://www.komikaze.hr ), starting 2002.
contact: komikaze5001@gmail.com/ web: http://ivanaarmanini.net

Miran Križanić
Miran is born 1985 in Karlovac. He graduated at at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. His focus is on: comics, street art, illustration, animation, photography and painting.

Filjio/Puma 34 (Bruno Pogačnik)

Synonym for streetart in the Zagreb (Croatia).
http://www.filjio.com, http://puma34.blogspot.com

Dunja Janković

Dunja was born in 1980 on an island in Croatia. Graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, Croatia, and the School of Visual Arts in New York. Published a couple of comic albums and zines by the name of Ego. Likes to switch gender roles between playing drums and sewing. Lives in Portland, Oregon. http://www.tripica.org/

Igor Hofbauer-Hof

Born 1974, graduated as a painter from Zagreb, active as a comics artist as well as a poster artist for which he became famous in 90s, while doing posters for the two biggest music venues in Zagreb, Croatia.

Emil Jurcan
1981.  Graduated on School of Architecture, Ljubljana. Had a long career as an underground comic artist. Through an ex Ljubljana group Temp received an experience in squatting and re-appropriating abandoned areas.  Co-author, with Edna Jurcan, of the  exhibithion Italian Modern Architecture in Pula and author of the exhibition Planning of Pula. Currently lives and works in Pula. http://praksa.hr/zadruga/


Milan Manojlović – Mance is born 1958 in Karlovac. He is a comic artist and musician.
Member of the group ZZOT.


Dalibor Barić

born 1974) is a multimedia artist, and lives and works in Zagreb. He makes short experimental and animated films, music videos, festival trailers, installations, graphic novels, drawings and cut-outs. He is also a music composer and VJ performer.

Vinko Barić

Born 1980. in Split where he lives. Graduated  from the Fine Arts Academy.
His interests are painting, drawing,  design and music (one of two vocals in the art punk band “Ilija i Zrno Žita”). He edited in his own production three comic books: : “Samo da ne propadne” (1997.), “Čudnovati deponij” (1999.) i “Paranormalni čimbenik” (2008.) and has a lots of exhibitions (individual and by the group): The member of the Komikaze group.


Danilo Milošev (Vršac) publishes under the name Wostok, Ex-Wostok, and Mediokritet, and is one of the most important and influential figures on the Serbian underground comics scene and indeed one of the scene’s founders. He has been drawing and publishing comics since the mid-eighties.
His visual as well as thematic approach has been developing simultaneously into two directions: one, into simplification, parody often borrowing the characters from popular culture and comics, and, two, into a more accomplished visual style using literature (Kafka, Bierce, de Sade) as story models. But for most of his comics he uses the texts from Vršac writer Nabor Devolac. He is also famous for his fanzine Krpelj which reached the incredible number of around five hundred issues and has inspired many young authors to publish fanzines themselves.


Radovan Popović
Born 1969. Comic author and publisher from Belgrade. A member of the Kosmoplovci group, a founder of the Studiostrip platform, an initiator and editor of the Striper edition (Fabrika knjiga), an initiator and editor of numerious alternative comics events and comic fanzines in Serbia and region. http://www.kosmoplovci.net/studiostrip/indexx.html

Aleksandar Opačić

Born 1973 in Obrenovac. Finished painting at the University of Applied Art and Design in Belgrade. Ex-professor at the university, later laid off for not showing up to work. Then a teacher at elementaray school, later laid off because of over tolerant attitude ( “All kids deserved A’s”). Member of multimedia team Kosmoplovci. Serbia

Lazar Bodroža
Lazar Bodroža was born on Transfiguration in 1983.
Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Co-founder of the Metaklinika studio, member of the group Kosmoplovci, author of the book “Zakon” and director of the interactive film ÜBER LIFE. Due to dispersion of interests, he often has problems with the lack of free time. As a young man, he is prone to fun and jesting.

Miroslav Lazendić

Comic artist  from Subotica, member of the grup Entropia.


Damir Pavić- aka Septik  is comic artist  from Subotica, member of the grup Entropia. He is also one of the first squatters and punk leaders on the Balkan.
Current Residence: Serbia, Subotica
Favourite genre of music: Anarcho punk, digital hardcore
Favourite style of art: SF, Cyber Punk


Vladimir Vuković  aka Seljak is born 1983.  in Belgrade.
The most  radical member of the group Kosmoplovci.
(http://members.lycos.nl/zlikos /seljak/menu.htm)

+ 0THER:

BLU (Italy) (Komikaze book edited)
One of the most famous street artist.

Nina Bunjevac
Comic book artist, illustrator, presently residing in Toronto. Nina Bunjevac started her art training in Yugoslavia, at the Djordje Krstic School for applied arts; in 1990 she moved to Toronto, Canada, where she continued her studies in art at the Art Centre of Central Technical School; in 1997 she graduated from OCAD in the Drawing and Painting department. Formerly a painter, a sculptor and an art teacher, Nina found her calling in sequential arts, a form that seemed to naturally evolve out of the narrative component in her sculpture installation work. Pen and ink became the medium of choice.

Anna Ehrlemark
Anna Ehrlemark is a comic artist, illustrator, writer and traveling salesman.

Dav Guedin

„I am a french drawer from Paris. I make stupid books with my brother as the Guedin brothers with the great editor Dernier cri. Guedin is not our realname, it is the reverse of the word dingue which means crazy…” http://dnotamy.free.fr


French artist Craoman conjures up a creepy and icky world of painful orifice excretions and rotting children in a pen and ink style.
Born 1989. Lives in a village near Paris. Publishes for french publisher Le Dernier Cri.

Konig lu q
König Lü. Q./ Switzerland, 1974.

Norihiro Sekitani
Born 28. 11.1979. in Osaka, Japan
web http://www.geocities.jp/sekintani/
blog http://sekintani.blogspot.jp/