Femicomix online workshop

STREET GIRLS – OPEN CALL The theme of the workshop organized by the Komikaze team alongside the Femicomix 2020 exhibition is “street girls”, the female characters we meet on city streets – the protester, the graffiti artist, the skater, the homeless person, the squatter… The resulting works will be published in the form of a zine composed by Komikaze authors Ena Jurov & Ivana. All selected authors will receive 2 zines. Print run is 60 pieces. Zine will be published on the Komikaze website and included in the zine library n the DobraVaga Gallery. Send comics and drawings for zine to: komikaze5001@gmal.com / Deadline: 1/11/2020 You can use this scenario for the workshop or write your own: Miša’s victory (interpretation … Continue reading Femicomix online workshop