20.5.09. review/ webzine br 20 ~ deborah hustić

New Edition of the comic webzine ‘Komikaze#20
webzine review
izvor: http://www.culturenet.hr/default.aspx?id=25814

place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Komikaze

After successful presentation in Slovenia and USA, Komikaze lauched the new edition of their comic webzine number 20. The new issue presents the following artists: Wostok, A. Ehrlemark, Chiu Kwong Man, Rashid, I. Hofbauer, S. Gasperov, D. Baric, Puma 34, Kapreles, S. Kranjcevic and M. Stromajer.

‘KOMIKAZE is a gang of crooks which disturb and provoke the public with their appearance. They question the worlds built on the false convictions, shaking the foundations of the so-called sensible, orderly and pretty constructions and revealing them in their helplessness. Actions of “KOMIKAZE” are a part of the plan to destroy the capitalist centers of power and authority which manipulate people. Our beliefs are based on the old Indian legend which says:” A desert land is worthier than money and lies and on it grows a deep sense of the self in freedom!”.

This form of a subtle anarchy is directed at questioning of some ways of viewing. Our wish is to pluck out the glass eyes of the habit and by our own example show how everybody can see well with thir own eyes. Since our aims are brutal and bizarre, we have directed or knife points towards the field of artistic expression in order to save the innocent. We think that the strip is not a cheap street-walker paid to entertain boys in puberty.

Our wish is to regain dignity and respect to the medium in its century old existence as a verbo-visual form. It, as such, certainly has a lot to say, and is equal to other forms. “KOMIKAZE ” group is trying in this very way to give the comic the affirmation, as a multimedial form of an artistic content in popular and unpopular techniques.

Our actions are various. The act of exhibiting itself is not crucial for the medium in which the reproduction is equal to the original. Photography, a good photocopy, digital copy and print, today speak equally strongly as the original. The static collector mind has made up the Museum of Arts religion, and the jumbo-poster on the highway has taken the role of transmitting important messages. The point of the story is that everyone is the currier of an important message if they follow their inner – wild eye. By this I want to say that the stress is on the process of viewing, not the exhibited objects. The comic seems to be neglected but it is only biding its time. It is waiting until the computers and print have developed a little: the quality of the multi-original, the speed of transmitting of the pictorial information, the purity of print, and – to knock down the prices of all the technical appliances, which is inevitable.

My vision of the future is a constant circulation of the comics on the Internet, and they will be printed and pasted inside or outside, according to the needs. In the woods, too, if desired. These will be the real culture factories, the old idea in a new package. It is a question of time when everyone will realize that to spill the ink on the paper is an act of freedom tailored by different kinds of measuring. The comics don’t eat up money like film does, it is accessible and open to creative exploration and its priorities are not influenced by the material, dimensions, technique, space, staff or the time of execution, but it is focused exclusively on the inner seeing. It is economic, ecologic and functional. Every housewife would die to have one at hand.’

For more info just click: www.komikaze.hr

(D.H., 20.05.2009)